André Casado

Founder & Senior Strategy Advisor

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I was born and raised in Lisbon. I was interested in behaviour analysis from an early age and that’s what led me to do a degree and a master’s in psychology. I became particularly interested in the digital personality, which is what each of us projects as a brand in the digital or online context.

At IAMIN I devote 30% of my working time to studying trends, reports and cases in the areas that fascinate me most: behaviour, communication, marketing, entrepreneurship and management. Around 50% of my work involves helping people, organisations, and brands achieve their goals. I’m particularly interested in healthcare marketing, which is where most of IAMIN’s clients fall. The remaining 20% is for company management.

I teach at the Catholic University of Lisbon where I occasionally collaborate on research projects and give courses, lectures and webinars on digital marketing and communication for different organisations.

In my spare time, I take the opportunity to practise sports and devote myself to my family and friends and other companies in which I have projects.

T-shirts and sneakers are my favorite fashion items.


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